Ten Weird Furniture Designs

weird furniture design Grass couch
Not quite sure how you could enjoy a TV dinner on this couch, but it sure looks quite comfy. Like a tuft of grass ("grass place to relax"), here's the Google translated blurb (which kindah makes it even more weird) from the creators Pratone of Gruppo Strum site "The property, sitting and lying furniture Pratone of Gruppo Strum (G. Ceretti, P. Derossi, R. Rosso) was for Gufram designed and offers between hufthohen grass place to relax and dream."

weird furniture design teenager lounger
Teens, like, want to do everything at once, right? Designed for teenagers in a competition, Roberta Ramme's chaise lounger contains a desk, flat screen and media storage. Their blurb makes it "perfect to watch TV, listen to CDs, read, talk on the phone, take a nap or surf the internet, or even study." Go figure, like, whatever.

weird furniture design argument chair
So you can settle an argument by sitting comfortably around a table and having a constructive dialogue while exploring your differences over a cup of tea. OR you can lock yourself up in the room and use designer John Carter's "The Argument Chair." Crafted with nickel plated hardened steel and real Everlast leather boxing gloves, you can literally, er, rest assured that the argument is settled. The only down side? It costs a punch, ie, $5,895.00!!

weird furniture design bikefurniture chair
Designed by Andy Gregg at Bikefurniture, this chair is surely a unique weird concept. Check out more unusual designs at Bike Furniture. These designs use train and automobile windows for tabletops, and surplus automotive seat-belt webbing for seating upholstery.

weird furniture design flect magic mirror
How about a mirror on your wall that manipulates your contours and face, just like the magic mirrors at the circus? Designer Will Gurley gets you one for your home: The Flect Magic Mirror. Twist and turn the spindle like thing and watch yourself transform into, well, you know who you are!

weird furniture design King of Siam shelf
This uncomfortably intoxicated-looking shelf unit is named the King of Siam - not that they're implying that the great king had any such problems - or are they? The creator is a Berlin based designer called mOEbler.

weird furniture design 4legs sexy furniture
This is definitely the most risque in our series of weird furniture: The 4Legs. A self-described "provocative chair" by the Dutch designer Mario Philippona. Undoubtedly not for the faint-hearted, or for an average living room, though the designer's own description encourages it to be "used as a single piece to cheer up your living room" and claims to be "more comfortable than most designer dining chairs." Gives a new meaning to 'bums on seats'.

weird furniture design hand-le doorknob
How about a warm (or a cold?) handshake every time you open the door? That's the great idea behind Amsterdam-based freelance product designer Naomi Thellier de Poncheville's doorknob called Hand-le.

weird furniture design foldschool furniture
How about furniture that folds, literally? Not only that, it's FREE! Foldschool's foldable furniture is a collection of free cardboard furniture for kids. You just take printouts using a standard printer, which produces a template and you follow the instructions on the website to fold it! Easy and Brilliant!

weird furniture design dickies armchair thuds
The out-of-shape bricksy globs above can be a great puzzle for a guest in the house. Are these what I think these are? Yup, they are armchairs and couches! Designer Anthony Kleinepier's Dickies "Armchair Thuds" are, to put as the descriptions say "perfect to relax and that in all the positions. Standing or put to bed in love use, it always is also... comfortable!"

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